For any blogger content is so important. Creating great content is what keeps your readers returning again and again, and it’s what makes your blog tick. They get excited when they see a new post from you, and look forward to that email landing in their inbox or seeing your latest post on social media. Without great content or any content it can be tough to maintain your blog, especially if you are needing those traffic numbers. However it’s not always easy to write great content. You could be suffering from bloggers block, or simply don’t have anything interesting to write about. I’ve been there. So to help you, I’m sharing my 10 tips on how to create great blog content.


Rule number one is to know who you are talking to. Your content should benefit them. For me my audience is Mums and Dads as I run a parenting blog. I make sure that every single piece of content is relevant to them in some shape or form. That doesn’t mean that each of my topics has to be parenting related. It means that whatever I write about has to benefit them. For example I have a section on my blog for Mums in Business, this isn’t strictly parenting related, but it tells a real-life story of being a working Mum, which is what Mums want to read. It doesn’t matter if you are write a wedding blog or a lifestyle blog, each piece should be relevant to your audience.


To keep your blog interesting and exciting your content should offer a great mix to your readers. You could have a mix of parenting posts, recipe posts, travel posts and lifestyle posts, as long as they benefit your audience. It really helps to mix things up a bit, and keep your content fresh. Plus it’s great for you and your motivation to be writing about different things.


Your content posting schedule should be consistent so that your readers know when to expect a new blog post from you. If you post every day this should ideally be at the same time each day. Or if you post three times a week, this should consistently be on the same days of the week. It also means that can build your content scheduling and writing into your own routine.

Blog content planning


My advice is that all blog posts should be at least 500 words, and you should be aiming for somewhere in the region of about 800 words. I find that this is a great length for a blog post, and anything over that will tend to be skim read. On the flip side if I read a blog post that’s less than 500 words I am often wondering “is that it”. So think carefully about the length of your blog posts, and as a bare minimum for SEO every post should be more than 300 words.


This is really important for SEO. Your keyword should be in the blog post title, first paragraph of text, meta description, scattered throughout your post, and placed in the title of your image. I find that my keyword is usually the main idea of the blog post, which is usually easy to think up, and this should mean it is easy for you to use in the post.


I am sure that many bloggers will have suffered from content block. I know that I have in the past. When I experience content block or bloggers block I will try to have a break from the blog, and come back to it feeling fresh. You might even find some inspiration during that break as well. If you’re struggling Content Mother is a new service launching that can help you with content creation and content marketing.


To prevent getting content block it’s always best to plan your content is advance. This means you can see upfront what’s coming up and make sure that you have varied content to publish. Plus it should help to keep you posting consistently too. I often plan a week in advance, but I know that many other bloggers plan weeks or even months in advance. Just do what you’re comfortable with, but always have a forward plan of at least a couple of days.

Blog content planning


To ensure that your content is read by your audience you need to share it on social media. If you need those traffic numbers and want to get your posts read by people, then social media is the way to do it. 20% of your time should be spent writing the post, and 80% of your time should be promoting it. Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even LinkedIn to the best of your advantage, making sure that the post is shared immediately after you hit publish. Lastly keep promoting on Twitter at different times of the day, and use different hashtags to see what works for you.


Make sure that your content is backed up by fact. If you’re writing a particularly hard-hitting blog post that you want people to read, then make sure you include some facts in there. Think about yourself as being some one who tells a story or writes a news article. If you’ve got facts that you agree or disagree with then add these to your blog post. People love reading opinions, and that will keep your readers returning again and again.


Lastly evaluate your content. Once it’s been live for a month see how it performed in terms of traffic to your blog. At the end of each month I review using Google Analytics my most popular pieces of content. This tells me what people are interested in, and that I should write more of a similar topic. Plus it’s great to see what posts you should keep sharing on social media.

So those are my top 10 blogging tips for how to create great content for your blog.

I hope you found this useful and I would love to know if you have any other tips?

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